An experimental time lapse vidio

Brian Walters supera1000 at
Sun Oct 11 17:30:11 EDT 2009

Great fun

But who's Fat Freddy and where's his cat?

The high res frame was well selected - shows everyone having a great



Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia

On Sun, 11 Oct 2009 10:59 +0100, "Chris Mitchell"
<chris.mitchell at> wrote:
> My band, Fat Freddy's Cat on another rooftop; this time at the Open
> University in Milton Keynes.
> Taken with a K7 - interval shooting, 1 shot every 3 seconds. Looped and
> mixed with sound using MS Movie Maker. The song is from a live Buddy
> Holly
> 50th anniversary gig we did earlier in the year.
> Not a great work of art, but fun to do.
> Would have been lees wear and tear on the K7 if we'd shot video and
> grabbed
> frames I guess, but we needed a high resolution shot for publicity
> purposes:
> Chris

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