Dangerous thoughts about glass, and a couple of questions

Bruce Walker bruce.walker at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 16:44:39 EDT 2009

Miserere wrote:
> 2009/10/11 Larry Colen <lrc at red4est.com>:
> [snip]
>> Question 1: What is it that is different about the 77 that makes it
>> such an amazing lens for shooting portraits?
>>From what I've gathered reading a number of secret internal memos and
> looking at the original optical diagrams...what makes the 77 Ltd so
> special is Japanese pixie dust.
> I think they ran out of it a few years ago, so I don't think they were
> able to use it for the DA* 55.

Could be wishful thinking, but I'm sure I detect a whiff of pixie dust 
in there. Though I suspect it's different -- it would be from Japanese 
Plastic Pixies.


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