PESO - Flat Iron Building - now with link!

George Sinos gsinos at
Sun Oct 11 15:10:14 EDT 2009

Purely accidental, but I've seen it before.

I think it's a combination of a few things.  The high point of view is
similar to what we see when viewing a miniature scene such as a model
railroad or dollhouse.  The small sensor of the cellphone camera gives
the original image extreme depth of field.  The high contrast lighting
might also contribute.  I don't know if the vignette has anything to
do with it.

Now that it's happened on a couple of shots, I may get motivated to
try to do it intentionally.


On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 1:18 AM, David Mann <dmann at> wrote:
> On Oct 11, 2009, at 4:17 AM, George Sinos wrote:
>> That's the vignette filter from the iphone version of photoshop.  I
>> hope it masks the big, ugly, roof-top air conditioner!  gs
> The whole scene looks like a scale model photographed with a macro lens.
>  It's a very interesting effect.
> Dave
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