An experimental time lapse video

Chris Mitchell chris.mitchell at
Sun Oct 11 13:56:58 EDT 2009

Thanks Christine.

> Hi Chris:  Great fun!  Enjoyed the music as well.  Are you the 2nd on
> the
> right playing guitar?

Yes, that's me

> Anyway, The PDML exhibit will be at Dank Haus, which you already know,
> but
> Dank Haus is in the neighborhood Lincoln Square, and also in Lincoln
> Square
> is the *Old Town School of Folk Music.*  We'll have to see what their
> concert schedule is like around the time of your possible visit; you
> might
> want to go to one of their concerts.  Here's the link to the school:
>  Concert sked for Oct, Nov, & Dec is up,
> but
> we'll have to wait a bit for May.

They have some good acts,  so I'll look out for that

> I took fiddle one at the Old Town, but had a hell of a time learning by
> ear,
> so I didn't go on to Fiddle Two, and instead bought a bunch of sheet
> music,
> and learned some tunes on my own.  I'm really not very good, though
> when in
> practice I can tease out a nice waltz.

Perhaps we'll be able to play the PDML song together - we'll need to get Bob
to review the words to ensure that they scan well as a waltz though...
Cheers, Chris

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