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Sun Oct 11 13:56:30 EDT 2009

Larry -

I think your question is "how do I get files printable by a third party 
from the raw files I've manipulated".  Yes??

Here's one way...

With Lightroom in library mode -

Create a "Collection" - give it a name that describes the content
Find the images you want to get printed and add them to the collection
    You don't have to add them all at one time - if they're in different 
folders find the ones in one folder and add them, then move to the next 
folder you         want to use and add them, etc.  You can select 
multiple files in each folder and add them at once.
When you have them added to the collection, show the Collection in the 
Library pane, select the ones you want to send out to be printed and 
export them as jpg's.  Be sure to export them as sRGB's.  The export 
dialogue lets you specify where to put the exported jpg's so now you can 
navigate there in Windows Explorer and either upload them to your print 
source or copy them to whatever media you want to use to get them to 
your third party printer.



Larry Colen wrote:
> I've got a job Tuesday night taking photos at a charity event. As part
> of this job, I'm going to need to get them printed.
> The only catch is that I've never printed any of my digital
> photos. Therefore, it would be wise for me to do a test run and get
> some of my shots printed.
> I've collected a list of some of my favorites on flickr. It should
> be fairly easy to find the files, and even in theory the libraries(?)
> that they're in.
> I'd like to collect all of those shots, with the processing data that
> I've already done, and have a special grouping of them all in one
> place. I'd rather do this without duplicating the raw files that are
> already there, though I don't mind if the files of processing
> instructions (for printing) are different than the current iteration
> of those files.
> I could look this stuff up in various lightroom books, but I'm not
> even sure what to look for.
> One complication to this whole process is that I've moved my whole
> directory tree of photos from one drive, to another, at least
> once. And I believe the catalogue (?) files as well. At one point in
> my attempt to get my old catalogue, or whatever it's called, I pointed
> the wrong thing to the wrong place in the directory tree, and messed
> everything up, so there's weird duplication with something pointing to
> places that aren't there for various libraries, or catalogues or
> whatever. 
> I'm not familiar enough with lightroom (yes, I know, I should take
> Godfrey's class) to know what things I should look up in the
> index. I've run into problems before because what I think is the
> intuitively correct name is different than what Adobe thinks is the
> intuitively correct name.
> If it helps for pointing. I've got Kelby's Adobe photoshop lightroom
> book and Resnick and Spritzer's Lightroom Workbook. I may have a
> couple other books around someplace, but those are the one sitting on
> my computer at the moment.
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