An experimental time lapse vidio

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Hi Chris:  Great fun!  Enjoyed the music as well.  Are you the 2nd on the 
right playing guitar?

Anyway, The PDML exhibit will be at Dank Haus, which you already know, but 
Dank Haus is in the neighborhood Lincoln Square, and also in Lincoln Square 
is the *Old Town School of Folk Music.*  We'll have to see what their 
concert schedule is like around the time of your possible visit; you might 
want to go to one of their concerts.  Here's the link to the school:  Concert sked for Oct, Nov, & Dec is up, but 
we'll have to wait a bit for May.

I took fiddle one at the Old Town, but had a hell of a time learning by ear, 
so I didn't go on to Fiddle Two, and instead bought a bunch of sheet music, 
and learned some tunes on my own.  I'm really not very good, though when in 
practice I can tease out a nice waltz.

Cheers, Christine

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> My band, Fat Freddy's Cat on another rooftop; this time at the Open
> University in Milton Keynes.
> Taken with a K7 - interval shooting, 1 shot every 3 seconds. Looped and
> mixed with sound using MS Movie Maker. The song is from a live Buddy Holly
> 50th anniversary gig we did earlier in the year.
> Not a great work of art, but fun to do.
> Would have been lees wear and tear on the K7 if we'd shot video and 
> grabbed
> frames I guess, but we needed a high resolution shot for publicity 
> purposes:
> Chris
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