GESO: inside out

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Sun Oct 11 11:08:51 EDT 2009

I will comment here too. I have the same problem sometimes with presenting 
my work. I think I am too close to it to be objective. I put everything I 
like together and it is just too much for the average viewer. I have really 
enjoyed your work as you have posted over time. I like the sharing of 
intimate times with the girls. I also enjoy your work that gives me a view 
of your environment and the people that you live amongst. As far as your 
slideshow goes, I agree that you have too many various themes going on, or 
maybe they are just to mixed up. If you organized the order so that you had 
a flow from one idea to another maybe it would work better?

I really enjoyed the flea market shots, especially the one with the painting 
in the foreground. The contrast of the blue sky and waves with the ice and 
cold of the people and the market were really fun. The high key of the dogs 
is also very nice. Again let me comment that I really enjoy your work with 
the girls, it shows me how much you care for them. I keep finding my self 
coming back to the graphic with the Buggs Bunny Balloon, the girl and dog 
with hats, sky tamed, and the girl standing over the dog.

Please keep posting

Ted Beilby

"The eye of the viewer becomes the eye of the Photographer." Albert Maysles 

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