What did I use to take that shot?

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johnf at panix.com writes:
On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at  03:00:30PM -0400, John Francis wrote:
> A new version of  ScanTags, with that bug fixed (and one other minor fix)
> can be found in  the usual place:
>      <http://www.jfwaf.com/temp/ScanTags.exe>
> This should now  work with JPEGs produced by Photoshop, etc., as well as
> with JPEGs  created in-camera.

And, before I get a whole raft of complaints:  I  know it doesn't report
the lens being used for JPEGs converted by programs  such as Photoshop.
As far as I can see that's not my fault - it looks as  though the Pentax
MakerNote tag gets stripped out during the conversion to  JPEG, so there's
no lens identifier information for ScanTags to report.   To see the lens
name you'll have to go back to the PEF/DNG (or an in-camera  JPEG).

I tried it with dragging and dropping my Canon  Raw files on it and it 
works fine (older/newer version of Canon RAW). Although I  keep getting the 
Windows warning that it is unsigned/unverified and do I want to  run it? But no 
biggie. Very nice little utility.

Marnie  :-)

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