What did I use to take that shot?

John Coyle jcoyle at powerup.com.au
Sun Oct 11 02:40:15 EDT 2009

This version - don't know about earlier ones - also works with .dng files
converted from .pef files.

John in Brisbane

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Thanks to Mark Roberts I've now fixed a couple of issues in ScanTags.
It turns out that the in-camera JPEGs aren't technically JFIF-compliant;
they don't have the mandatatory APP0 section immediately after the SOI
(If you don't understand that, don't worry - it isn't really important).
As a result ScanTags, which was written to parse the in-camera JPEGs,
got confused if it saw an APP0 marker following the SOI, and failed to
recognise a perfectly valid JPEG file.

A new version of ScanTags, with that bug fixed (and one other minor fix)
can be found in the usual place:


This should now work with JPEGs produced by Photoshop, etc., as well as
with JPEGs created in-camera.

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