GESO Head on crash

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Sun Oct 11 00:12:11 EDT 2009

>I don't wish to play editor for someone else's shots! :-)

My sentiments exactly !

Kenneth Waller

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> John Francis wrote:
>> On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 07:51:30PM -0400, frank theriault wrote:
>>> That's a lot of photos to look through and Flickr's horrible interface
>>> doesn't make navigating from one to the next very enjoyable.
>>> I think I might have preferred if you distilled this large group down
>>> to maybe the best 5 or 6, rather than the rather daunting number that
>>> you presented to us.
>> I agree with this sentiment - I'm far more likely to look at five or six
>> images than to scroll through twenty or thirty or more.
>> Personally I don't find Flickr *too* awful; you do know that you can
>> click on the "previous"/"next" thumbnails to the right of the image?
> I am a frequent Flickr user and I don't find the interface awful, *but* 
> I fully understand when people say they find it so. I think the problem 
> is mainly that the interface is not intuitive and all the most useful 
> navigation buttons have to be discovered by inspection and trial and 
> error.  I'm still discovering navigation shortcuts after a couple of 
> years of using it!
> On the other topic, I too punt totally when presented with an enormous 
> gallery of mostly similar pix.  After spending the afternoon editing and 
> whittling down a batch of my own day's shooting, I don't wish to play 
> editor for someone else's shots! :-)
> -bmw

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