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Sun Oct 11 00:06:38 EDT 2009

I think the best people to talk to would be the people who do the
conversions themselves, such as:

They can do the IR-only conversion for you, but they will probably
want to know what sort of IR radiant source you will be using to
illuminate your paintings so they can install the appropriate filter.

Another option, depending upon your IR radiant source might be to use
the Canon 20da. It is modified for astrophotography to be more
sensitive to IR. More info here:
They still bring north of $1000 on the used market. (There is one
ending on eBay in about 90 minutes as I type this). The good part
about a Canon 20da is that you could try it, and if it did not suit
your purposes you could turn around and get your money back out of it,
as it is still in good demand among astrophotographers.

You may already know this, but a good background page is:

Hope this is of some help.

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE USA

On 10/10/09, Desjardins, Steve <DesJardinS at> wrote:
> I need to dip into the vast well of knowledge that is the PDML.  ;-)  I need
> to get a camera with an IR only conversion to look at paintings.  I want to
> spend about $1500 so I think conversion is the way to go.  This doesn't need
> to be Pentax.
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