GESO Head on crash

Larry Colen lrc at
Sat Oct 10 21:15:15 EDT 2009

One thing that I find really helps is to turn the "flickr" into

I usually try to send that link. It'll just show all the 600x800
pictures so you don't have to click through them:

I trimmed the gallery down to the shots that I thought the newspaper
might be interested in, one or two of the best views of each thing I
got shots of. There's a big difference between that, and my showing of
my leet photography skills, this was meant more as a "look at the fun
stuff that I got to see today" than as great photos.  Sorry, I should
have made that a bit more clear.

The first step is learning to take great photos, 
the second step is learning to throw away ones that are merely good.
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