GESO Head on crash

Bruce Walker bruce.walker at
Sat Oct 10 20:12:43 EDT 2009

John Francis wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 07:51:30PM -0400, frank theriault wrote:
>> That's a lot of photos to look through and Flickr's horrible interface
>> doesn't make navigating from one to the next very enjoyable.
>> I think I might have preferred if you distilled this large group down
>> to maybe the best 5 or 6, rather than the rather daunting number that
>> you presented to us.
> I agree with this sentiment - I'm far more likely to look at five or six
> images than to scroll through twenty or thirty or more.
> Personally I don't find Flickr *too* awful; you do know that you can
> click on the "previous"/"next" thumbnails to the right of the image?

I am a frequent Flickr user and I don't find the interface awful, *but* 
I fully understand when people say they find it so. I think the problem 
is mainly that the interface is not intuitive and all the most useful 
navigation buttons have to be discovered by inspection and trial and 
error.  I'm still discovering navigation shortcuts after a couple of 
years of using it!

On the other topic, I too punt totally when presented with an enormous 
gallery of mostly similar pix.  After spending the afternoon editing and 
whittling down a batch of my own day's shooting, I don't wish to play 
editor for someone else's shots! :-)


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