A place to post photos

George Sinos gsinos at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 11:40:36 EDT 2009

I've been playing with posterous.com as a place to quickly post
photos.  It's about as easy to use as it gets.  They've designed the
whole site around posting your material from email.  The subject line
becomes the title, the body of the email becomes the text of the post
and your attachments are handled based on the media type.

Seems to be very simple, low mainenance, and works well.  Like a lot
of things on the internet, it's free. It certainly won't replace my
Smugmug site, but it's pretty nice for casual use.
<http://posterous.com/> is the link.  You may want to check it out if
you're looking for something easy to use.

I find it ineresting that they offer to automatically cross post to
other services such as blogger, twitter, facebook, and several others.

Just sharing my experience, I have no connection to the site other than user.

George Sinos
gsinos at att.net

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