Raynox 250 on AF160FC on F100macro

AlunFoto alunfoto at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 11:06:14 EDT 2009

Cool shots, Toine!
They look like winged aphids.

For my snow crystal shots I usually do between 2x and 4x, but still
hesitate to call it microscope... :-)


2009/10/10 Toine <toine at repiuk.nl>:
> I noticed the AF160FC ringflash has a filter thread inside the ring
> which sparked an idea. Searched in my garbage drawers and found some
> step down rings to attach the Raynox 250:
> http://www.repiuk.nl/images/raynox-ringflash.jpg
> Mounted the contraption on the F100 macro and searched for the
> smallest bugs in my backyard:
> http://www.repiuk.nl/images/ssp/permalink.html#id=album-126&num=content-3726
> http://www.repiuk.nl/images/ssp/permalink.html#id=album-126&num=content-3725
> The body of this fly or whatever is about 1-2 mm. Measured the fly in
> photoshop with and without the raynox and it's an extra 1.6x. Does
> this setup qualify as a microscope?
> Toine
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