GESO: inside out

Chris Mitchell chris.mitchell at
Sat Oct 10 08:20:23 EDT 2009

Hi Luka

A set of really good individual images. As a showcase of your work, it works
well and the pace is good.

I'm in 2 minds as to whether it works as a whole. Whilst I love the change
from dark / cold to light / warmth, it's still a set of very different (but
stunningly good!) images. It does make me want to look again though...


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> a slideshow i've made using photos some of which you may have already
> seen. i'm very interested in opinions, especially of those who haven't
> seen many of these yet
> what do you think, does it work, is the tempo ok, moodswings tolerable,
> etc...
> thanks for viewing,
> best,
> luka
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