K7 at 3200 ISO

Christine Aguila caguila at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 9 23:07:37 EDT 2009

Yes, I think Bruce is right.  Obviously, I didn't get a chance to, but it 
would have been interesting to shoot in darker light.  However, when I was 
at GFM, I took a quick shot with the K7 @ 3200 one evening in the cafeteria, 
which had quite dim light, and I remember being impressed--course then I 
continued drinking and don't remember much else ;-).  Seriously, though I do 
remember being impressed with the K7.  I also think that you can get some 
good results with the K20 at high ISOs--not always, but I've had some good 
results.  Cheers, Christine

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> Tim Øsleby wrote:
>> 2009/10/9 Christine  Aguila <caguila at earthlink.net>:
>>> I forgot to post these.  I tried the K7 at Central Camera a while back.
>>> These were shot as jpegs, aperture priority, pattern metering, no 
>>> exposure
>>> bias.  These are 1200 pixels on the long end and fairly big files.
>>> Shutter/aperture info is stated above shot.  Just an FYI.
>>> Straight jpeg @ 3200 *no* noise reduction in lightroom
>>> http://www.caguila.com/caguila/k73200iso/content/k7_test_photos_4_of_14__large.html
>>> Straight jpeg @ 3200 *noise reduction in lightroom:  luminance & color
>>> slider all the way to 100*
>>> http://www.caguila.com/caguila/k73200iso/content/k7_test_photos_4_of_14__1_large.html
>>> Cheers, Christine
>> Interesting. That's a lot cleaner than what I've learned to expect from 
>> K20D.
> I've seen noise performance like that from the K20D, and darned close from 
> the K100Ds.  The _critical_ thing is getting proper exposure.  If you 
> tweak up any dark areas after the fact, the noise shows up.  If Christine 
> were to play with the Fill Light slider, or had shot these down a stop and 
> raised it up, you'd see way more noise here.
> So you *should* get relatively low noise like this from your K20, Tim. The 
> trouble I find is that in really dark rooms one tends to underexpose a 
> stop or two to keep the shutter speed high enough for hand-holding or 
> monopod use.
> -bmw
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