OT: Obama just won Nobel Peace Prize.

John Sessoms jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com
Fri Oct 9 17:52:38 EDT 2009

From: "John Celio"
>> I can see this degenerating into a flame war, 
>> > as even us liberals aren't very happy about it.
> Speak for yourself, Marnie.  I'm fine with it.
> I'm not sure why this subject was posted to a photography mailing list,
> though.

As I said in my intro, following the photo.net thread, I opened a site 
that's giving me intermittent problems. I was trying to generate the 
error message, so I could see if the error is anything similar and/or 
related to the problem Tom C is having with photo.net.

Instead, the site opened with that headline and I just thought it was 

I did label it OT.

It's not the first time an OT news item was posted to pdml.

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