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That's a definite improvement.

Thanks,  Bob.


Hi Marnie

I must  have missed the earlier version but Version IV looks good.  The
red  jacket makes it "pop"!

I haven't used PS Elements since Version 1 but  some PS actions will work
in Elements.  This page might  help:


Thanks,  Brian. Thanks for the link too.  :-)

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>  <rant>


> </rant>

That was rather  like being savaged by an exceptionally fluffy and 
sweet-natured lamb.  You  should ask Bill to do it for you next time.

Awww. I'll try harder next time. ;-) Actually that was more a soap box, so  
I probably should have put
<soap box></soap box> instead.
I am not really up to rants these days (they take too much energy). Or I am 
 up just for very short rants.
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Nicely exposed, I like hop the colors pop.  They need little  scythes ;-)
Thanks, Steve. Heh, yes they do.
I really like this rendering.
If I ever said your PS skills hoovered, I must now retract that  statement!
Thanks, frank. Well you said they equaled your skills, same thing,  right?
(BTW, I can say that because you said that was no compliment. ;-))
Thanks everyone for looking.
Marnie aka Doe :-)

We can't solve  problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them. Albert  Einstein

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