OT: Obama just won Nobel Peace Prize.

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 16:28:19 EDT 2009

At the time of the nomination dead line Obama had been a world leader 
all of two weeks give or take, before that his most recent important 
position was a part time lobbyest for Chicago's Daley Machine 
masquerading as the Jr. Senator from Illinois, (a job he still seems to 
have based on his performance before the IOC),  Even he has said he 
didn't get the Prize for his accomplishments. This makes the Peace Prize 
a joke.  So be it, it's a joke.  (Flamie enough for you?)

eckinator wrote:
> Flame war sounds great but lets not forget that he doesn't run the
> United States of Some Parts of Northern America with a two house
> majority or anywhere near - he has to appease military-industrial
> falcons and ex Bush(face)/Cheney(brain) cronies left right and
> center... OK all you neocons, flame me now! ]=)
> Cheers
> Ecke
> 2009/10/9  <Eactivist at aol.com>:
>> ==================
>> I  can see this degenerating into a flame war, as even us liberals aren't
>> very  happy about it.
>> So I think posting that here was  not-a-good-idea.
>> Whatever.
>> Marnie
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