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> From: Scott Loveless
>> Try changing your DNS addresses.  I use to
>> get around Comcast's BS.  There are others out there, too.
> Instructions are a little cryptic for the typical end user.
>> To use
>> add these IP's to your resolver list:
> I've been unable to figure out where my "resolver list" is hidden. Firefox
> help, a google search and Windows help aren't much help.

With Windows XP:  Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network
Connections -> right click your network connection -> Properties ->
select Internet Protocol -> Properties

On the bottom of the "General tab you should see options for "Obtain
DNS addresses automagically" and "Use the following DNS".  Click the
"Use the following" option and enter those addresses you found at

If you connect through a router of some sort, you should also be able
to change the DNS addresses in the router.  See your instruction

Ubuntu Linux instructions here:

Mac users are on their own.  ;)

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