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I'm not a LR user, but  I use Adobe Camera Raw and all of its features 
are mirrored and expanded on  in LR. So ...

Look for the Detail tab. You need to scroll down the  Processing settings 
panel to locate it.  You will see two sub-sections:  Sharpening and Noise 

First critical step: set your view  magnification to 100% (or higher; 
100% is best). The NR settings will have  no visible effect unless mag is 

For the kind of noise you get  from Pentax bodies I find that the Color 
control is pretty much useless  above its default setting (25).  So slide 
the Luminance slider upwards  to suit. Typical values:

20-30 for ISO 200-400
40-50 for  ISO 800-1600

Don't overdo it! At 100% you are seriously pixel-peeping so  *all* noise 
looks worse than it will actually appear in a small JPEG or on  paper 
when printed. You should just reduce the noise enough to reduce the  
clearly visible colour speckles.  You may need to experiment once by  
saving images at different NR settings to see how they look at normal  
viewing size.

NR will tend to dull your image so you'd normally move  up to the 
Sharpening panel after setting NR to recover some sharpness. If  you just 
pull the Amount slider up around 70-100 you'll likely be OK, but I  
usually also set the Masking level to avoid sharpening the left-over  
noise in larger flat-colour areas (which makes it worse and more obvious  
again).  Hint: hold down the Option key (Mac) or Alt (PC) while moving  
the Masking slider and you'll see the masked area dynamically. White  
areas will have sharpening applied.

This will all be much more  effective in LR 2.x. If you have LR 1, it 
works but isn't as  powerful.




Wow!  Thanks.

Marnie aka Doe  :-)

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