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> Wasn't going to show another PESO of Ft. Point  before I  went to a GESO. 
> Only I came across this today, hadn't  noticed  it before, and thought, 
> my!" (Or something less  polite.)
> Taken at  high ISO in a dark room, so noisy, but  you can see that 
> else is blurred,  or THAT  blurred.
> Upon reflection I concluded I probably know what  caused  it. Probably.
> Or it could  be...
>  Heh.  Comments, welcome.

That's an arresting shot, Marnie. I love  the light/mood. I agree with 
staying as colour, but I'd use more noise  reduction on it myself.


How? I developed this  in Lightroom for a change (instead of Elements 5). 
And not sure how. Certainly  willing to try some noise reduction (this is 
before I realized I had it in  camera and didn't have it on). Like it less 
noisy. If I have to buy noise ninja  or something, nope.

But still learning the developing angle in Lightroom  so any suggestions 
how to reduce the noise is welcome.

Okay, I thought  maybe it was my hair. Because I've had it get in my shots 
sometimes, one reason  not to wear it long, but it wasn't windy inside.

I have now remembered  exactly where I shot this and that wasn't it. Think 
museum, which is what these  rooms were, museum exhibits, and you have it.

But Fort Point was sort of  spooky/eerie/surreal/dream-like so when I saw 
this one as I was going through my  shots... heh.

Marnie aka Doe  :-)

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