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No idea why you can't get to it Tom, I just linked to one of my own shots
with no problems.  Try this link to see if it's a problem your end


John in Brisbane

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I know some have said some things about why a certain website may
appear to be blocked.  After a week or more I still can't get to  I get a 403 - Forbidden message. Not even getting to a
point to enter credentials. I have not overtly changed anything on my
end, and have checked every possible setting I could think of, both in
IE7 & Firefox, and McAfee Protect the Civilized World from Digital
Annihilation. I even restored to a checkpoint earlier than when the
problem began.

I e-mailed, no response, no surprise.

Anyone have any ideas?

This may be my incentive to - finally - create my own online gallery.



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