K7 rebate

Igor Roshchin str at komkon.org
Thu Oct 8 15:35:05 EDT 2009

Hi Paul,

I know that you love Pentax marketing. :-)

Let me clarify that information. 
(I also received that SPAM message from Pentax :-0) )

As far as I can tell, it is not a Mail-In-Rebate.
It is an "Instant Rebate" for Pentax's own webstore.
It just brings the price down to 1,199.95.

Some other retailer seem to have picked that marketing campaign
(BuyDig raised their fluctuating price to the same level of 1,199.95
after the same instant rebate), - but one can still find it
at other stores at a lower price: e.g.
Beach Camera has it for $1,099.00 without any "instant rebate",
and Amazon has it at $1,100.99.

Hence, in my opinion, it's just Pentax's marketing gimmick.

It's still nice to see the price moving down for K7. But I do not
see any reasons to link the purchase to that rebate/its deadline 
at this point.


Thu Oct 8 14:05:25 CDT 2009
P N Stenquist wrote:

> Pentax is now offering a $100 rebate on the K7.  The offer is good  
> until October 31.

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