The BS of Digital Photography

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Thu Oct 8 14:01:13 EDT 2009

Kenneth Waller

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> Subject: Re: The BS of Digital Photography
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I quickly came to the realization that if I get it right in
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the camera, I can save myself boatloads of post processing 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Why is everyone so damned busy processing posts?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'm on the fence about that.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Don't worry, I'll picket up from here.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Don't you guys ever get board with the pun threads?
>>>>>>>>>>>> Why wood we?
>>>>>>>>>>> They're just knot very funny.
>>>>>>>>>> So the anti-punsters will just have to grain and bear it.
>>>>>>>>> I think they should be pulped!
>>>>>>>> now you're being fictitious!
>>>>>>> no, just quentintious...
>>>>>> there there, here's a quentin solace...
>>>>> I guess I have my master in quentin physics for a reason ]=)
>>>> Thats travolting
>>>But isn't that going against the grain ?
>> Now you're making me cross - cut it out!
> That's right, rip into him for having a little fun.

Great, so now I'm gonna get drilled for my comment

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