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Thu Oct 8 13:58:01 EDT 2009

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From: "Boris Liberman"
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> Mere thought of the size to which these could be enlarged is rather mind 
> boggling, Brother Derby...

I was hired to do some pictures for a store display. They told me they would 
be printed big and that they would be at eye level.
I used the 6x7 and Ektar 25 for the job. They were printed to 40x60 inches.
The quality was quite nice.

> Boris (not a brother)

I have a kit for sale if you want <g>
As an aside, I've been very tardy about testing that lens. I have to cook up 
a big batch of my famous Jambalaya this afternoon, and then I am hoping to 
get out and do some shooting. It's been raining here pretty much nonstop for 
the past 3 weeks, which has made infinity focus tests a little difficult.

William Robb 

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