OT: Need help from a PC guru

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 11:42:29 EDT 2009

Mark Roberts wrote:
> paul stenquist wrote:
>> She tells me that following the directions on the microsoft page, she  
>> still gets the same error code and crashes. She may end up taking the  
>> box to Best Buy.
> Not that I'd recommend Best Buy but I do recommend getting it
> somewhere fast. An error message with no boot and inability to
> reinstall could be symptoms of hard drive trouble.
> Got backups?
It does begin to sound like a drive failure.  I had a similar problem 
three or four years ago.  I'd say luckily, but actually I planned for 
this, I had set up three partitions on the machine, on for the system, 
two for data, and had a live backup of the system cloned onto a small 
excess drive, I was able to set up the failing drive as a secondary, 
boot from the clone and recover all of the data in the two data 
partitions, even  though the boot partition on the original drive was 
toast.  However most people don't do that, and Microsoft discouraged 
that sort of thing with the release of XP.  Drives are cheep, data is 


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