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>In my life time, I have  met several persons with my name, including one 
>who had my exact first,  middle and last name.
>But I have never met anyone who shared the same  birthday.
>I've met some people with my same first name, and  first and middle name. 
>And more with the same last name, but never all  three.
>But I've never met someone with the same birthday  either.
>Marnie aka Doe  :-)
I knew so many girls with my first  name in grade school I adopted a 
nickname (I was Barbara Ann) which had
no relation to "barbara or ann"  but was based on my favorite movie 
character , the ballerina in " the Red Shoes"
It ultimately became "Ann" - which is a story in itself, when I reached 
21.  There is a doctor in MInnesota (I think
she's a doctor) my first and last maiden name I've discovered.  I kept 
my ex husband's name when we divorced
30 years ago and glad I did.. that gives me a truly unique name, at 
least in North America, and a very low
prob of identity theft , according to some little quiz AARP suggested 

I remember that at least two people have my exact birthday _date_ - one 
of whom the same exact birthday.
Lots who are within a day or two.  My two oldest and closest friends 
have the same birthday as each other.
Makes one give a nod to Astrology :-)


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