New findings on the K-7 and Lightroom for Mac dilemma

Dario Bonazza dario.bonazza at
Thu Oct 8 10:12:43 EDT 2009

Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:

>I looked at Ralf's and Boris' K7 files using LR on Mac OS X. Didn't
> find anything unusual other than poor color calibration. It's a camera
> profile issue.

That's rather strange, as ACR running on Windows XP shows no such problems 
with K-7 DNG's. Sometimes I feel there's a bit extra magenta in K-7 files 
I've shot (no longer having the camera, I cannot do further investigation), 
but in most cases the color balance looks spot on.

The bad-color issue must be related either to LR or Mac color management.


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