K-7 Arrived (preview)

Jack Davis jdavisf8 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 8 07:47:34 EDT 2009

Your reaction at this point is a bit ominous. I have the K10 & 20 and had pretty much decided to skip the K-7.  You'd better not confuse me..got it!
Hope your initial impression is proven right. If so, just keep it to yourself. =)


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> Subject: K-7 Arrived (preview)
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> Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2009, 8:41 PM
> I received the K-7 today and have
> taken maybe 10 shots in normal and
> difficult settings, some with flash.  Exposure was
> correct or
> extremely close.  I liked the menu navigation.
> I have a small, begrudging smile on my face.  I think
> Pentax may have
> gotten this one pretty close to right.
> Granted it's not 20+ MP, but I think I will have fun with
> this.  Also
> got the grip (which I haven't decided about yet, but happy
> there's a
> AA option).  Also got a 16gb card.
> I'll tell more later... this could be a model I recommend.
> :-)
> Tom C.
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