PESO: One more Barracuda

Joseph McAllister pentaxian at
Thu Oct 8 02:09:07 EDT 2009

Cool...   Anyone who used to own one, and there are many, are kicking  
themselves over and over.

On Oct 7, 2009, at 08:52 , P N Stenquist wrote:

> Shipping a big order of photos to the owner of this car today. I  
> took a clue from the way Ilford ships Fiber Gold paper and packed  
> the pics in a paper box, then packed th paper box in a well-padded  
> larger box. Should be protected from anything short of drowning.
> This is my favorite shot of the car, a 1970 Hemi Barracuda that's  
> worth around  half a million US.
> .
> K7 and DA* 60-250, 170mm, circular polarizer, ISO 200, f4 @ 1/ 80th,  
> +0.7 stop exposure comp:

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