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I think you handled this very well. Tough DR well  balanced and halo 
free..on my monitor.

Thanks,  Jack.

I used to think using someone else's presets and/or actions was  cheating. 
Now I take that back. Mostly, anyway (when they aren't over  done).

Now I have to see if I can load PS actions into Elements 5.  Supposedly 
with some work, one can. Although I am not sure one can in 5 anymore,  because 
it's sort of out of date. But seems you can with 6, 7, 8 with a little  help.

So thinking about an upgrade someday. It's just that 5 was/is good  and 
reviews of 6&7 have been unflattering.

Sure saves on a lot of  work, anyway.

Marnie :-)

> This   would have taken me hours on my own. I am a
> happy camper.
> Comments,  okay.
> Marnie aka Doe   :-)

We can't solve  problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them. Albert  Einstein

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