What did I use to take that shot?

John Francis johnf at panix.com
Wed Oct 7 22:07:10 EDT 2009

I thought I might share a little (Windows) utility that I wrote:


Copy it to your desktop, of whereever.  Then just drag-and-drop
an image file onto it; it will pop up a window showing you the
camera name, the lens name (for Pentax DSLRs only), and several
exposure settings (shutter speed, aperture, focal length).
This works for JPEGs, PEFs & DNG files as long as some EXIF data
is present - JPEGs created by "Save for Web" in Photoshop, which
have all that sort of thing stripped out, don't show anything.

Requests for additional tags may, or may not, be considered :-)

Incidentally, I might have mad a minor mis-statement when I claimed
that a DNG contained everything that is in a PEF; I can't remember
whether the DNGs include the full-size (but highly compressed) JPEG
found in a PEF. It's not really that important - it's easy enough to
generate something equivalent if needed directly from the RAW data -
but it is something in a PEF that might not be found in a DNG.

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