Coming to Chicago for PDML Exhibit

Christine Aguila caguila at
Wed Oct 7 20:38:49 EDT 2009

Great, got your name down on the list!  The gallery is in Lincoln Square, 
Paul--right at the intersection of Lawrence and Western Avenues and right at 
the Western El stop on the Brown line.  Cheers, Christine

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> Sounds good. I hope to come. Perhaps the Detroit contingent can car  pool 
> in to Chicago
> Camping in your parents backyard might be more fun if you didn't tell 
> them ahead of time:-)
> Seriously, I'll probably stay in a hotel if I come. Is the gallery 
> downtown or near north? The old Pick Congress (now the Congress I 
> believe) was a good deal a few years ago. About 125 I think. That's  where 
> my car was stolen from the valet line, which made it less of a  good deal 
> I guess. But the chances of that happening again are  probably only about 
> 50/50 :-).
> Paul
> On Oct 7, 2009, at 8:11 PM, Christine Aguila wrote:
>> Hi Everyone:
>> Work has me so busy I haven't been able to keep up with PDML, but  I've 
>> got a bit of a free window here to pose some possibilities, so  here 
>> goes:
>> 1)  I know it might be too early for a solid  commit, but is it  possible 
>> for folks to respond to the list stating they are  "seriously considering 
>> coming."  If I could get some idea of who  *might* be coming, I might be 
>> able to help with places to stay.  For  example, my parents have a back 
>> yard, so if some folks were on a  budget, maybe they'd be willing bring a 
>> tent and billet in my  parents' backyard--though I do have to ask my 
>> parents about  this :-), but I don't think it will be that much of a 
>> problem--I  hope. Also, if I can get my living room cleared of book 
>> piles, I  could purchase another large air mattresses  (Darrel & I slept 
>> on  one at GFM, and they are really comfortable.)  We have 1, which 
>> could be put to use, and I'd be willing to get another one.  Anyway,  if 
>> you post back, I'll start a list of those folks "seriously  considering 
>> coming," and I'll try to help out.
>> 2) In a week or so, I'll post a list of hotels/motels folks might 
>> consider staying at.  I promise to be budget-aware when compiling  the 
>> list.
>> 3) Awhile back I suggested the following:  Folks fly in Thurs or  Friday; 
>> attend exhibit opening reception Fri night; Photowalk all  day Sat with 
>> pizza party/dinner Sat night;  How does this sound to  folks?  The bigger 
>> problem will be choosing a photowalk spot or  (spots)  lol--so many 
>> possibilities. If you want to offer  suggestions please do.  I'm going to 
>> do some serious thinking on  this and post some possibilities soon.
>> Anyway that's a start.  I hope it helps.
>> Cheers, Christine
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