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Wed Oct 7 20:16:19 EDT 2009

Heh, all this talk about post  processing.


Seems all the time I have been on this  list there have been "grumpy old 
farts" complaining about the young  whippersnappers who don't do "real" 
photography. Or if not that, how photography  isn't real photography anymore. 

Hmmm, when I started about on PDML about  7 years ago, it was manual vs 
automatic focus. You can guess which group wasn't  doing it right. Oh, and 
primes vs zooms. Then there was a progression of tripods  vs shake reduction, 
digital vs film, etc.

At the last NorCal Meet I saw  people shooting their cameras with live view 
with grids and Godfrey talked to a  couple of us about long/night time 
exposures being improved by noise reduction.  And explained how it works 
(thanks, Godfrey, I didn't know).

I wasn't  sure I had either, then I came home and checked. (I knew I had 
live view.) Yup,  I can do a grid on live view (nifty, I love that, I am 
always crooked), and I do  have noise reduction.

Seems to me the tools just keep getting better.  There are always 
downsides, but for me the upsides far out weight the  downsides.


Semi-relevant to this photo. After frank  told me my PS skills hoovered, I 
downloaded some Lightroom presets and replayed  with my photo. It is 
probably still too bland, not that well composed (it was a  grab shot), but this 
comes much closer to what I was going for. I didn't just  use a preset and 
leave it, I also fooled around in Lightroom development side  bar. I don't 
think I've been giving LR enough of a  chance.

This  would have taken me hours on my own. I am a happy camper.

Comments,  okay.

Marnie aka Doe  :-)

We can't solve  problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them. Albert  Einstein  

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