Intermittent AF540FGZ problem

William Robb warobb at
Wed Oct 7 19:06:37 EDT 2009

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From: "Charles Robinson"
Subject: Intermittent AF540FGZ problem

> Now - since I have a month until the repair warranty runs out, I'd  really 
> like to have it checked out.  But what do I tell them?  "It  works 
> sometimes, but sometimes it does x,y,z"?  Basically I'm  wondering what is 
> the most sure-fire way to ensure that the people at  Pentax Colorado (or 
> wherever this flash ends up being repaired - sigh)  take note of what I 
> tell 'em and really get it sorted out.. before I'm  on the hook for paying 
> to repair it (again).

Send it back, indicating an intermittent fault. They'll probably just 
replace the main board and send it back to you.

William Robb 

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