The BS of Digital Photography

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On 08/10/2009, Tom C <cakaltm at> wrote:

> With transparencies I could say 'toss' or 'keep' pretty easily. And
> yes when digitized maybe adjustments were made in Photoshop (I didn't
> forget that point). With digital, I have exposure inaccuracy (can't
> believe the meter), lower dynamic range, and the .jpg image displayed
> on the LCD is not always accurate.  I find myself making adjustments
> more than I did with film photography, likely because the tool is
> readily available. Shots that I earlier may have discarded are now
> possible keepers.  I also try to get the image "right" in the shooting
> process, but before where I may have blamed myself, now I find myself
> thinking, I can fix that, it was the stupid camera.

I'm a shedload more critcal of my small format work than I was when
shooting film, it's just so much easier to be so.

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