GESO - Aikido belt tests

Bob W pdml at
Wed Oct 7 17:53:15 EDT 2009

> Yeah. IIRC bike repairs were over $1,000. Since I'd used my 
> helmet, it needed to be replaced. The paramedics cut my 
> leathers off, so they needed to be replaced.  I also broke a 
> bone in the base of my thumb.
> It was amusing, when the doctor was removing the pin, he was 
> having trouble getting a good grip on it. When I returned a 
> week or so later for a checkup I brought my vicegrip 
> needlenose pliers.
> The doctor called in the nurse, handed them to her and said 
> "Buy me some of these!"

When I went into hospital to have the plate removed from my wrist they sent
me home first because they didn't have the right type of screwdriver. I had
to come back a few days later when they'd had the right type sent from the
hospital that first put the plate in.
> As an aside, while it didn't hurt when the doctor was 
> removing the pin, there are few things that I've felt as 
> strange as the feeling of a bit of steel sliding through my 
> bone. It was just wrong.

Mine was done under GA. I wish they'd kept me under a bit longer so I didn't
have to face the disgusting food they served afterwards.

Relevant to the current discussions in the USA, socialized medicine is
great, and you should all be voting for it. I've been treated in NHS as well
as private hospitals, and the only difference is the quality of the food and
the quality of the non-medical staff. 

The food in NHS hospitals is revolting. The staff in private hospitals are
idiots. One bimbo on reception when I turned up for an ear operation asked
me if I'd come to see the gynaecologist.


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