Intermittent AF540FGZ problem

Charles Robinson charlesr at
Wed Oct 7 17:38:41 EDT 2009

On Oct 7, 2009, at 16:31, Doug Franklin wrote:
> It sounds like one or more loose electrical connections somewhere.   
> Did you try cleaning the contacts in the hot shoe and on the flash?   
> If not, do so.  If so, I guess it depends on how adventurous you are  
> and how easy the flash is to get open.

For the dim pre-flash, I can see "maybe" that this would be  
involved... but the zoom problem occurs (occurred) whether or not the  
flash was attached to a camera.

> If it's not the shoe contacts, my first suspect would be the wires/ 
> connections that lead from the contacts in the foot up to the  
> circuit board.  Those should be easy to fix on the foot end, but  
> likely not on the circuit board end (likely to be a flexible circuit  
> board that would probably be damaged by normal soldering with a  
> typical iron).

I guess I just need to write up a good letter, cross my fingers, and  
send it in.  (sigh).  Good thing I have a few spares laying around.
> It doesn't sound like the wiring from the circuit board to the non- 
> camera components, like the tube.

Yup, I agree - seems more like a logic problem (the tube not being  
told the right thing to do) rather than a tube issue (tube UNABLE to  
do what it is told).


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