OT: Need help from a PC guru

Luiz Felipe luiz.felipe at techmit.com.br
Wed Oct 7 17:22:04 EDT 2009

Paul, some issues are related to faulty memory or hard disk. If she had 
access to some linux (ubuntu and offspring) live-cd she would be able to 
test memory from the cd system without further damaging her system.

I avoid xp reinstall on not empty hard drives when possible - there is 
usually some junk from the previous systems and often the result is less 
than adequate. Would she be able to save files elsewhere and format the 
hard drive? It's possible to delete the system folders and leave 
personal stuff on the disk, but the system restore areas have to go, for 
the reinstallation sake.

Failing to install xp on a blank, formatted hard drive points to 
hardware problems or faulty xp cd.

...no guru at all - but have some years installing systems, most of them 
from M$. Feel welcome to contact me offlist or give her this address.


paul stenquist escreveu:
> My daughter has a custom built PC. It's about four years old, and I'm 
> not sure what processor is in it. It runs Windows XP and was fine until 
> recently. Now she can't seem to get it to boot, and she can't afford to 
> get help. I'm useless when it comes to PCs. Here's her description of 
> the problem. Can anyone give us a clue?
> On startup I get this error message: "Windows XP could not start because 
> the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM"
> Its extremely common. Its reportedly easy to fix. However...not mine... 
> I cannot reinstall the system software .  (I am doing it right; however 
> it still wont install). What could be wrong? What else can I do before 
> spending actual money trying to repair this.
> (PS- when I try to reinstall the system software (windows XP) it  stops 
> midway and then either goes back to the error message or locks up and  I 
> have to restart it...at which time it goes.back to the error message.
> Thanks for any and all clues.
> Paul
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Luiz Felipe
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