pef vs dng

Fernando fer.pdml at
Wed Oct 7 13:10:05 EDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 12:56 PM, William Robb <warobb at> wrote:
> IE: They aren't supporting DNG.
Probably -works for me-

>> Capture One works better with PEF as I mentioned in my test; In DNG
>> you have an extra step to select camera profile, and even doing so you
>> still can't get some preset options in "white balance". Had I shot DNG
>> in the past and were to switch to Capture One without said
>> inconveniences I would require such conversion.
> Sorry, but this really just sounds like broken software, whether it is
> accidental or deliberate, and no matter how they try to justify it in their
> documentation.
So they don't support DNG, but I still want to use their software with
no restrictions, so I need PEFs.
Full DNG support is important to you, but is not to me. While you
might not even consider software that doesn't give you best out of
DNG, I still prefer to choose this particular piece of software and
had I shot DNG exclusively I would find myself with no easy fix to the
problems I mentioned. You are free not to use Capture One, my case is
different, and I'm sharing my experience. There is nothing wrong with


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