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Wed Oct 7 11:58:30 EDT 2009

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> Hi Mark,
> Just to clean up any misunderstanding I may have caused; last night I
> shot a DNG on my K20D, and open that in Capture One 4.
> The file is opened and can be processed; however the camera profile is
> not automatically recognized and the preset white balance options are
> reduced to "as shot" -none of the other options are present-. There
> might be something else I didn't catch. Let me then change what I
> said: Capture One does read and process DNG, but your workflow and
> options are better supported by this software if you shoot .PEF. I
> don't know if there are similar issues with other applications, I
> leave that to those to use DxO, Bible or other.

So what you are saying is that Capture one is broken out of the box.

> So, in my case with a K20D and Capture One, and even if I decided to
> use DNG as archival format, I still find benefitial to shoot PEF for
> the slightly better support I get on my conversion tool of choice, and
> the better use of card space -If i need to run a batch process in my
> PC to compress DNG I might as well run a batch process to convert PEF
> to DNG-
> I can convert PEF to DNG anytime I want, the opposite -as of today- is
> not easily achievable.

I'm not quite certain why one would want to convert from DNG to PEF, so I'm 
not buying into the validity of your last sentence.

William Robb

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