pef vs dng

steve harley pdml at
Wed Oct 7 12:10:17 EDT 2009

On 2009-10-06 20:56 , Doug Franklin wrote:
> [...] and I won't believe it anyway until the format has been
> around and interchangeable for two or three or seven decades, minimum,
> at which point I'll likely be long dead. :-)

i have some PICT files dating back to at least 1987 that i can still 
open on my Mac


the TIFF format, on which DNG is based, is about that old too; i believe 
that one can very easily get a TIFF out of any DNG, which to me feels 
like a good bet for 50 years on

(the hard part is not converting the data, it is storing the files for 
decades in a way that will be continue to be accessible)

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