The BS of Digital Photography

Mark Roberts mark at
Wed Oct 7 11:50:54 EDT 2009

ann sanfedele wrote:

>Mark Roberts wrote:
>>The rare, portfolio-grade, shot will get additional attention in
>I'd say the rare, portfolio-grade shots won't need further attention :-)

I wish that were true, but sometimes it isn't. True, most really great
shots don't need a lot of work, but almost all benefit from some
things that Lightroom simply can't do. This kind of thing was true
even in the days of film: I have taken only *one* portfolio-grade
black & white film shot that didn't need some dodging and/or burning;
that was a "straight print". Two of my best (to me) shots ever
required a lot of time in Photoshop - time needed not due to the
enormity of the work that had to be done, but because of the subtly of

Sometimes you just have an image about which you know "there's a great
photo in there", but it takes a lot of time, work and care to bring it

The trick is being able to tell when you're "bringing out a great
image" and when you're "trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's
ear". :)

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