The BS of Digital Photography

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Wed Oct 7 11:36:13 EDT 2009

Mark Roberts wrote:

>Christine  Aguila wrote:
>>Even with digital, I still try to get the best photo in-camera 
>>to keep the post-capture processing down. 
>This is my approach *exactly*: I try to get the capture as close to
>perfect as I can - just like I did with film - with the goal of doing
>as little post-processing as possible 
>.... I'll come back to the best shots to give them extra time
>and fine tuning (and to further delete the shots that a week's
>perspective has let me see aren't as good as I fists believed/hoped!)
>But with most collections we're talking about 2-5 shots out of every
>100 or so that get extra time...
>The rare, portfolio-grade, shot will get additional attention in
I'd say the rare, portfolio-grade shots won't need further attention :-)

>Being able to put aside the evaluation of your shots for a week or
>more seems to be a crucial part of the process for me.
How about a month to a year or two?  

>The extra time
>provides perspective and seems to let me be more objective about my
>own work. It's then easier to see which shots really stand out and
>which need to go into the bit bucket. 
I shoot digital like I shot  film, pretty much...  But I like to look at 
the LCD when shooting something
that isn't moving to get the framing and the DOF and sharpness right in 
the camera.  

When I get home I download the RAWs and extract the jpgs - because my 
zoom browser slide show
wont display RAWS... I keep the jpgs next to the RAWS in the same folder 
.. then I jot down the
numberof the frame and put the ones I like best in photoshop to look 
at... The jpgs are low res
and are only useful for subject most of the time...

But i keep virtually everything I've downloaded -  on a 500 gig external 
harddrive.  The stuff I really like
I make sure to upload to smugmug as another way to back up the stuff .  

I use a combo of name and number to name the files I've decided are 
worth showing people...  or that
I treasure personally.

Kepping outtakes is important to me for order... they have exposure and 
date and time etc so work
as a "where was I when" reminder - sometimes I even take a picture of 
something just for that purpose
but It would never get to the public.  

ann the blabbermouth


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