pef vs dng

Fernando fer.pdml at
Wed Oct 7 02:21:04 EDT 2009

I have a K10D and K20D in both cases DNG is larger than a PEF and
that's relevant to me -might they be double size, 75% more or other %-
~in the cameras I own~ DNG is still considerably larger. I have a
preference on a raw converter, and that raw converter supports PEF
better than DNG.

Can we agree that in the cameras I own, DNG files are larger than PEF
files and that if Capture One is the raw converter of choice DNG is
not the best option?

On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 1:42 AM, John Francis <johnf at> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 07, 2009 at 01:16:58AM -0400, Fernando wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 12:10 AM, John Francis <johnf at> wrote:
>> > Heck, it wouldn't be that difficult to write a DNG-to-(PEF/NEF/CRW/Whatever)
>> > converter, if it were necessary.
>> There is nothing out there today that can do that. I can convert all
>> my PEFs to DNG tomorrow if I want to
> That, in itself, should tell you something.
> If it were worthwhile, somebody would do it.
>> >As I've said before, there's nothing in a
>> > PEF that isn't in a DNG file.
>> Not every one agrees on that
> Believe what you like.  The facts are as I stated.
> I know - I've written software to pull apart PEFs,
> and to compare the contents with the contents of DNGs.
> I can't speak for other formats (NEF, CRW, etc.), but I
> can indeed state that DNGs contain everything from PEFs.
> In fact the MakerNote tag - the repository for all the
> Pentax-private data - is copied over bit-for-bit.
> And I wouldn't exactly call a disinterested
> party, either - they have their own agenda, and seem to be
> more interested in badmouthing Adobe than in anything else.
> Despite Adobe's long history with maintaining the TIFF standard,
> and in direct contradiction to what Adobe have publicly stated
> about the DNG standard, they continue to tilt at the windmill
> of DNG being "a proprietary standard, owned by Adobe".
>> If you don't care about other raw converters that's fine ~that's what
>> you have to weight, and that's why is a personal decision~ If you
>> prefer Lightroom, and you think that's all you need today and in the
>> future, and you are confident that DNG keeps all data that is in PEF,
>> and you don't care about halving your card storage, and you don't care
>> about hard drive space or running processes to compress DNGs, then
>> fine, go with DNG.
> You don't make your point any more convincing by exaggerating, either.
> Even on a K10D, a PEF isn't half the size of a DNG.  With the advent
> of compressed DNGs on the K-7 the issue becomes moot.
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