pef vs dng

Fernando fer.pdml at
Wed Oct 7 01:16:58 EDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 12:10 AM, John Francis <johnf at> wrote:
> Heck, it wouldn't be that difficult to write a DNG-to-(PEF/NEF/CRW/Whatever)
> converter, if it were necessary.

There is nothing out there today that can do that. I can convert all
my PEFs to DNG tomorrow if I want to

>As I've said before, there's nothing in a
> PEF that isn't in a DNG file.
Not every one agrees on that

Even if I convert all my PEFs to DNG I'm keeping the original
manufacturer format.

>Personally I find it somewhat hard to believe
> that a RAW converter that knows how to pull some magic information out of a
> PEF file to produce "better" converted images couldn't find the information
> in a DNG file if it were worth doing.
Whatever support they give on DNG is half-arse attempt,some features
are not there, etc.

If you don't care about other raw converters that's fine ~that's what
you have to weight, and that's why is a personal decision~ If you
prefer Lightroom, and you think that's all you need today and in the
future, and you are confident that DNG keeps all data that is in PEF,
and you don't care about halving your card storage, and you don't care
about hard drive space or running processes to compress DNGs, then
fine, go with DNG.

In my personal case, I prefer PEFs, and I stated why; it may well be
that all reasons I'm presenting are not relevant to others, and so
they are free to use DNG; you are free to use any format you find that
suits your needs best. Personally I don't mind, I just don't think
that DNG and Lightroom are necessarily the best option out there for
everyone -my opinion that is-. Choice is good, evidently being able to
choose whatever converter I want is more important to me than to

Choice is good.



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