pef vs dng

Doug Franklin jehosephat at
Wed Oct 7 00:31:57 EDT 2009

Graydon wrote:

> Well, coming up on 4 decades, we have roff, and all its various --
> nroff, troff, groff -- descendants.  The examples in the original Bell
> Labs papers work with current shipping open source groff.

OK, that's one. ... out of how many?

And let's not forget, how'd you store that *roff input file?  Paper 
tape?  Punch cards?  14" open-air disk packs?  9-track tape in any of 
three or four different densities?  8" floppy disks in any of a dozen or 
more formats?  5.25" floppies in even more formats?  1.44" floppies in a 
handful of formats?  Any of fifty or more varieties of "consumer" tape 
products? ...

For paper, you need the paper.  For any digital storage medium, you need 
an entire, *operational* system including peripherals and software.

DougF (KG4LMZ)

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