pef vs dng

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On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 10:56 PM, William Robb <warobb at> wrote:
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>> I'm just stating that, as of today, shooting DNG
>> restricts you from usign the full universe of raw converters out
>> there.
> There are a lot of advantages to DNG.
For my particular case, I weighted the advantages of DNG vs it's cons
and it didn't work for me, extra space and ~at the time~ no support
from the Raw converter of my preference is enough for me;

> So what if I miss out on a raw
> converter that I will never use? And how good can it be if it doesn't offer
> support for open source raw files?
> I mean really, it's not like they have to reverse engineer to support DNG.
The fact that a raw converter doesn't support DNG doesn't make its
output worse. Maybe they want you to buy a new version each time you
buy a new camera; maybe they are envious of Abobe, whatever reason
they have doesn't change the fact that I prefer their simpler
interface and the fact that I can easily get more detail out of my
images ~and I've seen couple of reviews that agree with that
statement. Tomorrow I can change my mind and pay little pentalty.

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