The BS of Digital Photography

Doug Franklin jehosephat at
Tue Oct 6 23:00:37 EDT 2009

Jaume Lahuerta wrote:

> That's exactly what I feel when I try raw and open it on
> whatever editing program (that tend to be very slow to
> operate BTW). I can change so many things that I get paralyzed.

I started that way.  I quickly came to the realization that if I get it 
right in the camera, I can save myself boatloads of post processing 
time.  So, for purely selfish motivations, I work a lot harder at 
getting it right at capture time, and I wantonly discard anything that 
doesn't measure up in post.  My post time these days mostly boils down 
to (a) wantonly discarding followed by (b) batch processing to make web 
and print masters.

DougF (KG4LMZ)

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